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By their fruits you shall know them. And the fruits of the Spirit the four fruits of a life deeply-lived are love, compassion, joy, and peace.

In this brief, poetic book, John Sullivan explores the four ways of dwelling in depth, with chapters devoted to each. The four invite us to (1) practice loving kindness and seek the well-being of the relationship and those within it, (2) to acknowledge suffering and alleviate it; (3) to receive life as gift and, being grateful, to rejoice; and (4) to be at peace and to promote peace.

These four are a trans-religious treasure and a compass for the heart. Simple and profound, they support and balance one another. They are both the means to a fuller life and its expression.

The book also applies the four to the larger issues of our times, showing how these four modes of dwelling help us to heal the cultural splits and return us to a unity of Source, Self, and the Circle of Life.

The remedy for returning to communion is to do whatever we do more lovingly, more compassionately, more joyfully, and more peacefully. Simple and wise teachings from ancient oceans, made available to renew our common life.

This elegantly designed book makes a wonderful companion volume to John Sullivan's earlier book, The Spiral of the Seasons.

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