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The Fall series of programs opens with
a special event on Thursday, September 4 at the Seymour Center. Later life may often seem like a season of loss: loss of roles and identity, diminishment of vitality and passion. In this free-flowing conversation about “Aging With Arms Stretched Wide in WELCOME,” John Sullivan and Bolton Anthony will explore with the audience what are the deeper, affirming lessons beneath this experience of loss.

Two weeks later, on September 18, our fourth season of “films for later life” gets under way with the Academy Award-winning Dutch film Antonia's Line — one of three favorites we are reprising from our 2010 season at the Seymour Center.

The first trio of films explores the call in later life to come home to who you really are. The second trio (which begins November 6 with a showing of Monsieur Ibrahim) celebrates the dance of spirit in later life.

We continue our partnership with the
Chapel Hill Public Library, Algonquin Books, and Flyleaf Books with two Tuesday Conversations at the Library, featuring local authors Krista Bremer (October 21) and Jeanne Lemkau (December 9).

Bolton Anthony, host of the series, has taught English and creative writing to undergraduates and worked as a public librarian, a university administrator, and social change activist. He is the editor of the recently published anthology, Second Journeys: The Dance of Spirit in Later Life. He founded Second Journey in 1999.

Calendar of Events

Special Events


Aging With Arms Stretched

Sep 4

Coming Home


Antonia's Line

Sep 18



Oct 2


As It Is in Heaven

Oct 16


Krista Bremer

Oct 21

The Dance of Spirit


Monsieur Ibrahim

Nov 6



Nov 20


Zorba the Greek

Dec 4


Jeanne Lemkau

Dec 9

Times: The film showings begin at 6:30 PM; all other programs begin at 7 PM.

Monsieur Ibrahim — Thursday Nov 6

Monsieur Ibrahim, played by Omar Sharif, is an old Muslin Turkish owner of a small market in a working-class neighborhood in Paris. He becomes a friend to Moises, a Jewish teenager, who lives nearby with his father. After Moises is abandoned by his father, Ibrahim becomes the one grownup in the boy's life. Together they begin a journey that will change their lives forever.

(2003) 95 min. Directed by François Dupeyron (French) Subtitled Trailer

A man's heart is like a caged bird. When you dance, your heart sings
… and then rises to heaven.  — from Monsieur Ibrahim

See Gloriaon Thursday Nov 20 . . .

A wholly engaging, nuanced film about a woman of “a certain age.” Set in Santiago, Chile, this character-driven, episodic picture centers on the evolving relationship between a longtime divorcée in her late 50s and a 60-something, recently divorced amusement park owner. For her remarkable performance, Paulina Garcia won best actress at the Berlin International Film Festival.

(2013) 110 min. Directed by Sebastián Lelio (Chilean) Subtitled Trailer

And when you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.

Did you say … dance! Come on, my boy!  — from Zorba the Greek

Zorba the Greek — Thursday Dec 4

Basil (played by Alan Bates), a young writer of Greek/English descent, arrives in Crete to claim his inheritance, a small cottage and a long-defunct lignite mine. The Englishman is “stuck.” And Zorba, the lusty, boisterous, and life-affirming Greek (played incomparably by Anthony Quinn) has lessons to teach! The N.Y. Times says “if ever the abundance of life force in man has been poured forth on the screen . . . it is done in this movie.”

(1964) 142 min. Directed by Mihalis Kakogiannis (U.S.) Trailer

. . . then join us at the Library on TUESDAY Dec 9

. . .for a book/film conversation with Jeanne Parr Lemkau, author of Lost and Found in Cuba: A Tale of Midlife Rebellion.

Who are you now? What losses have shaped you? What illusions about work and relationships are you ready to relinquish? Which commitments enable you to flourish and which do you long to leave behind?

While conducting academic research in Cuba, psychologist Jeanne Lemkau discovered that boldly embracing such midlife questions was both hazardous and transformative. True adventure — in travel and in life — always requires courage and entails risk. With humor and pathos, Jeanne shares a positive perspective on geographic adventure as a catalyst for personal change.

The program begins at 7 PM; the Chapel Hill Public Library is located at 100 Library Drive. Directions

Seymour Center • Chapel Hill Public Library • Flyleaf Books

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