Last fall when Second Journey branched out in a seemingly unlikely direction with the serial online publication of The Making of an Elder Culture, we had no way of knowing our publishing initiative would spark such enthusiasm and avid interest from both loyal and new readers of our Web site. Most popular books on the subject of aging have been written by doctors, gerontologists, fitness trainers, or financial planners — as if all that mattered in life beyond a certain age was fending off disease and being comfortably retired. Theodore Roszak’s book was nothing like that. It was, rather, “an exercise in practical nostalgia whose purpose is to track the baby-boom generation from counter culture to elder culture.”

The resoundingly favorable response and the clear merits of the Roszak’s book caught the interest of a commercial publisher, and we were pleased to announce in March — at the time the final installment of the book was posted to our Web site — that New Society Publishers will be releasing a paperback edition this September. This will make the book much more available and increase the likelihood that it can spark a broad public conversation of the important issues which it raises.

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The Making of an Elder Culture will be on sale in local bookstores and online in September.
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bullet Want an autographed copy of the New Society edition? With a $25 contribution, you can reserve a copy of the new edition, autographed by Dr. Roszak, and receive it approximately a month before the book goes on sale.

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a new initiative this fall — timed to coincide with the release of the NSP edition — that will include discussion groups, webinars and public programs all exploring the challenge of creating an elder culture.