How to Treat Nail Fungus Naturally

Nail fungus refers to fungal infections that affect the toenails. It is also called onychomycosis. It is also very contagious and starts from one of the toenails and then spreads to the others. This can be treated easily with the use of antifungal medications prescribed by physicians or by using other home remedies. The following are some of the ways one can use to treat nail fungus.

EMUAID® ointment

The EMUAID® ointment is essential in the treatment of nail fungus. The ointment is made to penetrate the skin and toenails. Its unique qualities distribute ingredients to the nails and skin that are very powerful in healing. These ingredients penetrate the infected nail bed and get rid of the fungi that carry the infection and irritation. They solve the root cause of the infection by going deep inside the nail bed. The ingredients also repair the discolored and dry nails.

Baking soda

Baking soda is very helpful in soaking up moisture from the toenails that can cause nail fungus. In this way, it can prevent the growth of fungus on the toenails and hence reduce the growth of fungus. It is recommended that the baking soda should be put inside the shoes or socks to soak up the moisture. One can also apply the baking soda mixed with water on the toenail that is infected and rinse it after some time.

Extracts from olive leaves

An extract from olive leaves contains a substance known as oleuropein that is very active. This substance contains antifungal abilities as well as immune-boosting elements. The olive leaves extract can be applied directly to the affected toenails, but it can also be ingested in the form of capsules. This substance is very effective in treating nail fungus when taken with meals and plenty of water daily.


Vinegar is also very effective in the treatment of nail fungus. Vinegar is a popular product that is mostly used in cooking and solutions for household cleaning as well. Furthermore, Anecdotal evidence shows that it can be used to treat nail fungus. It can be applied directly to the infected toenails. The toes should be soaked in warm water that is mixed with vinegar.


Garlic is mainly used in food seasoning. However, it can also be essential in treating nail fungus. An extract from garlic contains antifungal elements that work against the fungi, which cause fungal infections. In other cases, garlic oil can also help cure some types of fungus. The cloves of garlic should be chopped and then applied to the infected toenails to treat the fungus.

Mentholated ointment

Doctors usually recommend the mentholated topical ointment to treat nail fungus. The ointment contains active ingredients such as eucalyptus oil with properties that are very effective in nail fungal treatment. One needs to rub the ointment on the affected toenail for it to treat the fungal infection.

Most of these natural remedies can be very helpful in treating nail fungal infections. However, if the infection is very severe, one should visit a physician for further examination.

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